Thai Fusion for Twenty

We hosted a party for about twenty guests, where I decided to create a fusion of classic Thai and other Asian flavors. Here is a sampling of the dishes of that evening:


Crispy Lettuce Cups

Crispy Lettuce Cups

This dish was a last minute concoction. I had julienne (long strips) of fresh ginger, carrots, and green papaya left over. I tore up lettuce leaves into bite size pieces, heaped a teaspoonful of the vegetables, along with crushed peanuts into these lettuce cups with a dash of lime juice. I served it with peanut sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

Spring Rolls Home-made Spring Rolls

I used spring roll wraps from a local grocery store. I sauteed cabbage, tofu, carrots, cilantro, mushrooms and added vinegar, lime juice and soy sauce. Once the mixture cooled down, I wrapped it into the springroll wrap and fried it in Saffola oil. After I took it out, I cut it into halves, and served it.

Lamb Kabobs on Lemon Grass Sticks

Lamb Kebobs in Lemon Grass Sticks

I wanted to get Lamb into Thai cooking. I bought some ground lamb, added lemon grass, red curry paste and cilantro. I made it into small balls, and was wondering what to use to cook it. I had sticks of lemon grass, so went ahead and used them to broil the lamb in the oven. This dish was a big hit, and was gone in no time!

Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay

This dish was really for the kids who were coming. And my 9-year old loves it! I marinated the chicken in coconut milk, with tamarind, red curry paste, and palm sugar. It’s great if you grill it. I decided to broil it. The kids loved it.

The Entree’s:

Steamed Mackerel with Coconut

Steamed Mackerel in Coconut Lime Sauce

I wanted to make this dish for my friend’s husband, who simply loves fish! It was his first time tasting my cooking. I got fresh Mackerel from the Fish Market that morning, and marinated it in lime juice and galangal. I steamed the fish wrapped in a banana leaf, and then made a coconut sauce with lime to go with the fish.

Sweet and Sour Tofu with Asparagus

Sweet and Sour Tofu with Asparagus

This was a fusion creation. It had hoisun sauce (typically used in Chinese cooking), rice wine vinegar to give it a sweet and sour taste, and fresh asparagus from the Farmer’s Market! The soft tofu was sautee’d and not fried, for the “lo carb” and “high protein” effect!

Green Curry Vegetable

Green Curry with Vegetables

This was especially for the vegetarians (and that includes me!). Lots of vegetables like bok choi, egg plant, broccoli and onions, with coconut milk and green curry paste. The garnish was strips of red bell pepper and fresh thai basil.

The Dessert:

We had Banana Flambee’ with Orange Juice and Cognac, served with Coconut Ice Cream. My official photographer was in no shape to take any more pictures by then! And by the time we were ready to click one, it was all gone!

11 thoughts on “Thai Fusion for Twenty

  1. Praba,

    These pictures are awesome and since I was fortunate enough to sample the meal – I can personally vouch that this was an amazing spread. The pictures almost do full justice to the taste.

  2. Ooh! Praba, this looks scrumptuous !!
    Will definitely try some of your recipes.
    PS : Y’know, I will make a very generous critique…add me to your list of tasters ; )

  3. I look forward to trying a few of these. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I am currently listening to you on 90.1 FM – sounds yum.
    Best Wishes.

  4. Praba,

    Great blog! You should write a cook book with your recipes. Luckily, I too can attest that they taste as good as they look.

    If you get a chance, read my friend Shobha Narayan’s Monsoon Diary. It is a highly readable memoir of her childhood, spiced with gentle humor, served up with traditional Tam-Brahm recipes.

  5. Prabha, these recipes look very presentable and seem simple to make, even a novice like me can venture into this intimidating area!
    Will let you know the results.

  6. dear darling Prabha,

    am very proud of you and your achievements – next time you visit India we can have a 5 day session at my place in Mazgaon – and Mayur’s mom doing the Konkani part – let me know in advance – šŸ™‚

  7. Hi Praba,

    Great website! Yummm…I still remeber all the yummy food. One main ingredient you forgot to mention is enthusiasm..the food was prepared, presented and shared with lots of it. Will be in tuned for all the great tips:)

  8. Hey praba chitti,
    wow this is soooo coool i love it… and hey are you on the radio at times?? wow this is sooo cool
    lots of love
    (say hi to r and k and mani perripa)

  9. hi this is a great site..i love cooking too
    i am rupa’s bestfriend
    great goin!!

  10. Hey Prabsi,
    Going great guns! The pictures and your simple descriptions almost convince me that cooking can be fun!

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