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Praba Hi! Welcome to Jholicious Eats. My name is Praba Iyer.
We create and offer customized team building experiences for Companies, Venture Capital (VC) firms, and Non-Profits through cooking.

Each event is carefully crafted, where we work closely with corporate HR managers, VC staff, and C-Level executives and  plan compelling team-building events for internal teams and their portfolio CEOs. The event menu and activities are customized to match management’s goals, the location, event theme, total time available, and the team size.

Our most popular cuisines are Thai, Mexican, Burmese and Indian. We can also provide customized themes and menus around Asian Fusion, Appetizers, Street Foods, No-Stove Cooking, and others. We additionally help new restaurateurs with creating menus and conducting taste testing prior to launch.

Our other area of expertise is healthy cooking and cuisines – including Ayurvedic diets, special diets for patients, and vegan and all-vegetarian diets.

About Me:

I am a graduate from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, and worked as an Associate Chef at Greens Restaurant in Fort Mason, San Francisco. I am also a Food Writer for the India Currents magazine, and a periodic Radio Host at KZSU Stanford 90.1FM. I also work as a Media and Industrial Shoot Talent for leading Bay Area Technology Brands.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website. I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at praba at cookingmasteryinc dot com!

Happy Cooking!

Praba Iyer


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12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey Praba,
    Just visited your web site again. I love it!
    How are you and the boys?
    Just wanted to let you know in case you are not quite happy with Rishi’s new school- We got two more boys into the 5th grade. Two really nice boys. So I am just throwing it in there to let you know…
    Anyways, I hope you are all well,

  2. Hi Prabha,

    It was nice to meet you at the Los Altos Fair. Wasn’t kitty muzzle fun!
    ithra aduthu thamasikkunnu, parichayappedan thalpparymundengil parayoo 🙂

  3. Hello Prabha:
    I was fascinated by your article about Nan khatai in Indai Currents a couple of months ago. I have always wondered what Nan khatai was. I decided to prepare Nan hatai using your recipe in the article. I have got all the ingredients except kesri milk masala. I know kesar and milk but don’t know kesri milk masala. Could you please tell me what it is?

  4. Hi,

    Could you please contact me at my e-mail re: private cooking class for a party of 6?


  5. Hello Ms Iyer,
    I read yr atriclt,The Miracle Tree in Nov 2012 issue of india Currents..
    After my retirement as Professor of Botany at the MS University of Baroda, I suttle between Saratoga,CA where my ddaughter and son live and Baroda,Guj,India.Yr interesting and informative article reminded me of a concept concived by ARISTOTAL,SOME 5 THOUSAND yrs ago-Food as Medicine,currently a term NUTRACEUTICAL is coined for it!The bright,yellow flowers of the tree
    popularly called as ‘yELLOW laburnum’which blossum in summer when the leaves are shed offer a spectacular stght.Besides medicinal
    properties U have mentioned,it is found very effectivee against Rhematic Arthratis.Farmers now grow fields also meet demans for use
    in Sambhar preparations,thanks to demographic shift from the South !
    The Drum sticks,SARAGVO in GujArati is a delicious vegetable too.!
    I HIGHLY APPRECIATE your write-up and wish that U continue to pro
    pagate info/knowledge about indegenous Indian tree wealth as food cum medivine.

  6. Hi Prabha,

    It has been ages since I have talked to you. I do keep thinking of you. Please send me an email. Thanks


  7. Hey Prabha, I would like to get in touch with you.
    Could you please email

  8. Atulji,

    Thank you so much for your note. Really appreciate your comments. If you are interested, Annama Spudich is a molecular biologist from Stanford, who has written about ancient plants and tress of India. Her books have so much info.

    Take Care


  9. Hello Praba,

    I saw your contributions in the latest India Currents and read with interest. I am an entrepreneur making prepackaged specialty foods under Akkas brand. My website is http://www.myakkas.com and FB is http://www.facebook.com/myakkas if you like to get some more info.

    I am doing research on the history, folklore, best methods of use of Indian spices and the connection to wellbeing. As part of this research, I am collecting Indian recipes connected with a story. I am interested to know if you would be willing to chat on these and help with my research.

    Appreciate your help.

    Lawrence Dass

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