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Are You Ready for Takeoff?

Welcome to “Cooking Mastery”, where we will explore, discover and enjoy food and cooking, that’s simply out of this world!

Food is my passion. It’s not just the cooking that matters to me, but the flavors, aromas, colors, textures, taste, techniques, cuisines; well, just about everything that there is, to know and experience!

Cooking to me is a form of therapy. I get instant gratification, when I see the happiness in the faces of people I teach and serve. When you cook a meal, you are fulfilling someone’s core need as a human being. The satisfaction is simply priceless!

This is a place for the “foodies” amongst us to share our passion for cooking. For the rest of us who are either new to cooking, or find it hard to get excited about it day after day, I hope you will find a moment of inspiration or encouragement!

Happy Cooking!

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Remembering Mom

Mom's Recipe in TamilWe all have our own special ways of remembering people. Some of us have photos, writings or clothing to keep memories alive. Cooking keeps me connected to my mom. She was an extraordinary human being as well as a fabulous cook.

Our home was the hub for extended family’s vacations, job hunts, festival seasons and weddings. My mom made sure that anyone who walked into our house never left hungry. Food was always available, well prepared and on time. Her philosophy on cooking was simple and I follow that to this day

-Cook food with love, people will enjoy it no matter what. Food cooked with negative emotions never digests well.

Here are some of mom’s favorite recipes: Continue reading Remembering Mom

Who am I ?

I am a chef instructor.I teach customized cooking classes in the bay area.My specialties are Thai,Indian, Mexican, Italian and Asian Fusion.I graduated from the California Culinary Academy and worked as an Associate Chef at Green’s Restaurant in Fort Mason.Then I moved on to menu planning and testing for restaurateurs and teaching cooking classes.

Cooking is my passion.I enjoy every aspect of cooking.The textures and colors of food, the flavors and its tastes, sharing my discoveries and knowledge to others and of course the end product – a dish that makes your taste buds tingle and your stomach happy, where else can you get this instant gratification?

Apart from this I do have a few other passions- Yoga,books,  co- hosting  a radio show (90.1FM KZSU Stanford),  two  high energy boys and a loving husband…. I  am  grateful.

Enjoy my blogs and please sign up for my classes…