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Blips and Bites of Life

This occasional post will be on everything under the sun except food and cuisine…. It is my thoughts on life, living, politics and people.

I wrote this post back in 2004. We don’t know how a simple human being can impact us until we miss them.

Love You Mom!

It was a clear California morning, I sat down with my cup of tea, wondering if my mom would have liked this house. For the past several years, mom was a part of every major decision we had made. She would have said, “It’s very spacious, its like our Patambi (ancestral) house, I like it”. She would never say anything negative to your face. Being with her, I had learnt to read between the lines at a very early age.

Like the word “spacious” meant a few things “do you really need this big space, you will have to clean it, its more work you”.

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