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What’s The Wine, So Your Curry Can Shine?

Wine Glass and WineIndian Food has such complex flavors and tastes, that pairing a good wine can be quite a challenge. There is the easy way. You can skip the wine, and have a beer instead. Or finish your wine, cleanse your palate, have an appetizer, and then sit down for dinner. This way you will do justice to both the wine, and the food.

Here in California we are blessed with a broad selection of exquisite, and yet reasonably priced wines. We also have a wine revolution underway in India. It is now possible to pair a wide range of wines with Indian food.When selecting a wine, the mantra goes, “Simple wine with complex food, and complex wine with simple food”. Spicy food goes well with wine that is less tannic. Tannins come from the stalks and skins of the grapes, and give the wine a tinge of bitterness.

Since all our palates are varied, here are some general guidelines for choosing wines with your favorite Indian food:

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When the Door finally Opened!

Door from KeralaI have to say that I had been trying to check out this place for almost 3 months. No luck. They would have a table for two, when I needed a table for 8. I would ask for a 7pm slot, and they would only have a 5.30pm or 9pm opening. Either the day, or the time never worked. It was a place everyone was talking about.

Four weeks ago, I called in to see if they had a table for two on a special Monday night. The lady was nice on the phone. She told me they had a 6pm and a 9.30pm. Neither one would work. I called back the Friday before, only to find they were completely booked. My heart sank. My husband consoled me, saying that was not the end of the world. But for me, it was not going to be the same.
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Reflections: Lessons From Grand’Ma

Red Hot Chilli PepperMy grand mom always reminded me of a feisty red chili pepper. She was sharp, never minced her words, and made her presence felt! She was meticulous, organized at all times, and confident of her cooking techniques. Her attention to detail was impeccable. She had great wit, with a pithy quote, that was just right for the occasion. With her, there was lots of laughter in the kitchen. She shared generously of all that she knew. Her philosophy was simple – knowledge if hoarded is of no good at all!

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Are Vegetarians From Another Planet?

Indian CowI am a vegetarian. I have been one all my life. ‘Oh, so you are vegetarian! Do you eat fish?’ When I first came to the USA, I did feel I was from another planet. There were enough people telling me I was missing something, by not eating meat. In a very subtle way, I was made to feel either out of place, or bothersome, or too picky. However, I was not going to give up my convictions, for anybody or any place. It boggled my mind that a country that were so tolerant in many ways, had such limited knowledge of the rest of the world, and such little patience for people with different dietary needs.
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