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Are You Ready for Takeoff?

Welcome to “Cooking Mastery”, where we will explore, discover and enjoy food and cooking, that’s simply out of this world!

Food is my passion. It’s not just the cooking that matters to me, but the flavors, aromas, colors, textures, taste, techniques, cuisines; well, just about everything that there is, to know and experience!

Cooking to me is a form of therapy. I get instant gratification, when I see the happiness in the faces of people I teach and serve. When you cook a meal, you are fulfilling someone’s core need as a human being. The satisfaction is simply priceless!

This is a place for the “foodies” amongst us to share our passion for cooking. For the rest of us who are either new to cooking, or find it hard to get excited about it day after day, I hope you will find a moment of inspiration or encouragement!

Happy Cooking!

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