Are Vegetarians From Another Planet?

Indian CowI am a vegetarian. I have been one all my life. ‘Oh, so you are vegetarian! Do you eat fish?’ When I first came to the USA, I did feel I was from another planet. There were enough people telling me I was missing something, by not eating meat. In a very subtle way, I was made to feel either out of place, or bothersome, or too picky. However, I was not going to give up my convictions, for anybody or any place. It boggled my mind that a country that were so tolerant in many ways, had such limited knowledge of the rest of the world, and such little patience for people with different dietary needs.
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Thai Fusion for Twenty

We hosted a party for about twenty guests, where I decided to create a fusion of classic Thai and other Asian flavors. Here is a sampling of the dishes of that evening:


Crispy Lettuce Cups

Crispy Lettuce Cups

This dish was a last minute concoction. I had julienne (long strips) of fresh ginger, carrots, and green papaya left over. I tore up lettuce leaves into bite size pieces, heaped a teaspoonful of the vegetables, along with crushed peanuts into these lettuce cups with a dash of lime juice. I served it with peanut sauce and sweet chilli sauce.

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