Here is a sampler menu for an evening featuring Classic Indian Cuisine:
(Menu will be customized to your group’s skill level & taste)

Appetizer: Vegetable Pakoras
(Crispy Deep Fried Vegetable Fritters made with a chick pea flour batter )

Soup: Moong Dhal Soup
(Tasty Flavorful Lentil Soup flavored with ginger and lemon )

Entrée: Chicken Tikka Masala, Naan Bread and Roti
( Juicy Marinated Chicken in a Butter Cream Sauce served with flaky soft Naan and Roti Breads )

Rubian Tandoori
(Skewered Shrimp marinated in tandoori masala and grilled/broiled )

Raita: Cucumber Raita
( Yogurt with cucumber, cumin and cilantro)

Dessert: Semiya Payasam
( Vermicelli and Sweet Milk with cashews and raisins )

Taste Tinklers: Jaljeera
( Lemonade with mint and cumin), Papads ( Wafers),
Indian Chai Tea

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